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Commercial Cleaning

We service all types of commercial business & offices in Halton & Peel and surrounding areas, specializing in professional commercial cleaning. Our cleaning services include the spotless cleaning of professional buildings such as medical and dental offices but also provide warehouse cleaning, lunchroom cleaning, office cleaning to many other types of businesses.


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Recurring Business Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services are designed for those busy businesses and productive employees who too busy being great at there job and having a clean work area only boosts moral & success. It is designed to take care of all the usual cleaning tasks around the office or job site so that everyone can focus on just doing their job.

Weekly (Most Popular)

Set up a regularly scheduled time every week that suits your schedule best.

Every Other Week

Only need a cleaning 2 times a month? No problem, bi-weekly scheduling solves that

Once a Month

Just once a month? We got you covered there too. At your convienence

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Warehouse & Industrial Cleaning

Janitorial services for warehouses and various industries in the Halton & Peel Region area require superior cleaning methods that adhere to the highest standards. TKO Cleaning Services offers a team of cleaning specialists who are experienced in the safe and effective cleaning of any industrial setting.

Office Cleaning Services

Offering interior and exterior commercial cleaning services in the Halton & Peel region, our licensed, insured and bonded cleaning technicians, experienced in first-rate commercial cleaning, focus on the cleaning priorities for banks and office buildings and provide spotless teller stations, polished floors, immaculate restrooms and clean and fresh customer areas.

Professional Building Cleaning

Whether your professional setting is a lawyers office, dentist office medical profession or in the financial services. We will come in and clean one office, or the entire building.

Apartments Or Strata Cleaning Services

Do you have a common area, hallways or a full complex that needs care and cleaning? We will work within your needs to get you a clean and sanitary area. We will also work with Strata for apartment building and complexes at an ongoing agreement.

What's Included

  • Secure and Confidential 100% 100%
  • Cleaning Products Included 100% 100%
  • Go Green! 100% 100%

Janitorial Cleaning Service

TKO Cleaning Services commercial janitorial cleaning service is the clear choice for commercial cleaning services in the Greater Halton & Peel area. For companies that care about providing safe, healthy and clean professional working environments. TKO Cleaning Services cleaning provides a top notch service.

TKO Cleaning Services assigns a work team to plan, conduct, and follow up on the work we do for you. We know that the sanitation of your office and workspace is crucial to how your company performs, how clients view your company, and how employees feel about their workspace. We pride ourselves on having a professional reputation for providing quality janitorial services and building maintenance to managers and owners throughout Halton & Peel.

We provide janitorial services to an array of industries including property managers, banks, retail stores, schools, industrial plants, and mid-rise and high-rise buildings. No matter what area of Halton & Peel you are in our team will customize the right building maintenance plan for you!

When it comes to commercial cleaning services you need someone your going to want someone you can trust, a professional company with a tradition of providing quality service. TKO Cleaning Services Cleaning has an unbeatable reputation for providing quality cleaning and professional services you can trust.

Floor Cleaning

Cleaning floors, walkways and high traffic areas. As well as carpets and office areas.

Window Cleaning

Wipe done all windows and ledges removing cob webs, dust and streaks

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor chairs, tables and smoking areas are no problem.

Lunchroom Cleaning

We’ll clean your lunch room and break rooms and common areas.

Trash Removal

We’ll collect and take out the garbage around your business.

Washroom Cleaning

Dispose of garbage’s and disinfect counter tops, toilets, etc..

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